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Some years ago, artist AERO ZERO lamented that there were no quality M/M erotica comics to read that were consensual and with the kind of stories and characters they wanted to read about. After having drawn super explicit comics about men for many years, AERO ZERO decided to rectify this.

In 2014, AERO ZERO put a name to two of their M/M erotica comics, MEN+MONSTERS and ACE OF BEASTS, and set out to print and bind them for the world to enjoy - and so, MEN PLUS MONSTERS was thrust into being!


MEN PLUS MONSTERS is a collection of all comics, art, and creations by AERO ZERO, combining storytelling, fantasy, and erotica into beautiful art that celebrates love above all else.

The MEN PLUS MONSTERS SHOP has been online since 2015, and is the only place to get AERO ZERO's lovingly drawn bara smut comics.

AERO ZERO's comics feature gay, pansexual, POC characters and more, highly original designs and worlds, as well as witty writing with quite a bit of humor. They are fun, explicit, consensual, beautiful, MxM erotica comics featuring men and monsters rendered in handsomely colorful detailed art, with expansive world-building beyond the bedroom.

(Pictured on the MEN PLUS MONSTERS logo are our mascots, Xerxes from ACE OF BEASTS and Silas from MEN+MONSTERS.)

Our Content Policy

All characters in sexual situations are designed and written as 18+ and older.

The monsters are considered on par with humans in terms of sapience and intelligence, and are not considered animals. The monsters (and humans, humanoids, centaurs and all other sexual participants) appearing in sexual situations are of-age, mentally mature, and provide vocal and physical consent.

About the artist AERO ZERO

AERO ZERO is an erotic comic artist and professional colorist who has made many NSFW consensual gay bara fantasy comics and worked alongside industry professionals since 2012.

They were born in the 32-bit era and have been playing video games ever since. They have a BA in illustration from an art school where they learned traditional media; however their digital work methods are mostly self-taught.

Their oldest characters are Xerxes and Osric (the main characters of ACE OF BEASTS), both made in 2009 and still close to their original designs! Their first comic was KYRIA, published online in 2012. Aero's art has been featured in many professional comics, anthologies, and other works.

They currently draw/write ACE OF BEASTS and MEN+MONSTERS, while running their comic sites MEN PLUS MONSTERS & BARA COMICS, as well as the MEN PLUS MONSTERS shop. Their comics and art have gained critical acclaim from thousands of readers around the globe.

Press Kit

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Please direct any press inquiries, requests for interviews, and business inquiries to press@menplusmonsters.com.

Thank You For Reading!

From AERO ZERO and the men at MEN PLUS MONSTERS, we appreciate your readership :)

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